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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lose Fat Metabolic Cooking to Burn Fat Not Muscle

I found a Great new cook book.  It has a lot of menu planning, recipes with pictures and best of all a Shopping list you can print out after choosing your recipes so you know what you need at the grocery store.....

Not Sure I can get Joella interested.   I don't think she likes to cook that much anymore.  She had rather stand around in the pool talking to her friends.  I do believe there is a section to help you get through the dangers of eating out. 

Weight loss Now is a big issue for her.  She is still in the yo-yo phase...lose four pounds then gain six.  Very bad for your heart...Plus the fact that she is still fighting diabetes.  Sugar control is barely being kept in the safe range...she is taking three oral medications plus Insulin. 

From personal experience I know that Weight Loss, Portion Control, scheduled meal and snack times along with regular exercise are the only options for controlling diabetes that worked for my Adult onset Diabetics. 
This Metabolic Diet Plan I found has a slant that I think will help someone with diabetes...It targets eating foods to keep the metabolism working which in turn keeps Blood Sugar from going up so high and then so low you turn into a starved maniac!  I know from talking to Joella that she runs into a problem when she skips meals or snacks.  First thing you know she STARVING so she starts eating and doesn't stop until she has blown the calorie count for the day...sometimes for the week.  If you are interested take a Look!
Metabolic Cooking
If you would like a look at the Diet Plan scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link...they have a nice video and Tons of information.
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