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Day Lillies
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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Talked to Joella again.  Thought she was making great progress. 

I'm afraid it isn't so.  She said she had lost 4 pounds this week.  I said that seems like a lot for one week.  Then asked the wrong question:  How much do you weight?
Her answer comfirmed my worst fears.....the 4 pounds she had just lost were 4 pounds she had put back on after losing them last month.  Bought and had sent to her another Diabetes Exchange List   the small one that you can keep in your pocketbook..Very handy for eating out, but if you aren't motivated and dedicated to losing weight and doing something about your diabetes it won't do much good.....just clutter up your purse.

I am beginning to think Joella doesn't yet realize the seriousness of being diagnosed with Diabetes.  It is a somewhat silent disease  doing its maleovent work behind closed doors until you wake up one day with a massive heart attach or a stroke..... If your arm wouldn't move or you couldn't walk because your foot or leg hurt, you would have motivation to do something RIGHT NOW to fix it. 


Exchange Link bar

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cook Books To Help with Diabetic Meal Plans

Cook Books are Handy to have around,   Makes it easier to plan a meal or use  up extra food in a different serving manner so it looks different, taste new and is extra appealing because it isn't a LEFT Over!

There are some nice cookbooks available here,  look in the sidebars for the "Gadgets" that are floating
around with  choices of Cook Books.   Better yet I have an Amazon Search button on the right, so just enter what kind of cookbook you want and fly away!  

Hope you find something nice!

Find Your CookBook Here CookBooks at Cararta.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joella Gained Five Pounds in Five Days

I Talked to Joella last week and she was excited because her weight had come down to 179 pounds.  She got her Social Security last Wednesday....when I talked to her today she was up to 186 but had lost a pound since yesterday.
I don't know the solution to her problem.  We talk on the phone (I'm in Tn. and she's in Fl.) and go over what kind of foods and when she should be eating but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
She taking a course at the YMCA  in the gym and said her instructor has her making a list of everything she eats....funny the Doctor can't get her to log her blood glucose readings or what she eats and when she eats, but the girl at the gym is getting a food list. Since she goes to the gym three times a week, I guess it is the personal attention from someone other than family that matters.  It still comes down to this one phrase:  YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

                Here is a link to Bob's information about his glycemic index diet. Wish Joella would join him! Click Here!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do You Lose the Same Ten Pounds Again and Again?

Joella called last night (she is my sister in Florida with diabetes if you are new), all excited because she was down to 179 pounds.  I was in shock...asked her how much she weighed before  and she said 193 pounds.  In June she weighed in the 160's getting very close to making it into the 50's.  

I don't know what happened, how it happened....well I guess I do.....don't eat the right food, don't keep to a scheduled meal time and depend on Insulin, diabeta and metformin (all three she takes) to try to keep your sugar readings low.  
Don't exercise every day  the equivalent of walking for 30 minutes.

She is now enrolled in a nutrition  class at the local hospital.  Seems excited about it, said it is taught by a nurse and a nutritionist.
As a no longer active RN  I wonder what her reaction will be when they tell her the same thing she has heard from me for the last three years: Only eat amount of calories  that caregiver prescribes, eat at least three meals and two snack each day, try to eat at the same time each day (called meal scheduling) include as much fresh produce in diet as possible, take prescribed meds when you are supposed to take them, check blood sugar as requested by caregiver and keep a log of sugar readings, medication taken and amount and type of  food consumed and when.
At least she has dropped some of the weight.  Think it made an impression on her when she sat down on the floor and then couldn't get back up.  She had to have someone help her.
Even though it is positive that she has lost weight, I'm still a little down.  It is the same pounds that she has lost and gained back in the last few years.  Should   have know when she called about the great bathing suit she found  a nice 3X but bought some shorts to wear over it because the skirt (from the top) left some of her stomach bare.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joella is Changing What She Eats

Joella called today and reported she now has her fasting blood sugar down to 238.  I didn't even ask what it was before.  She was so excited to "get it down".

Since she lives in Florida and I live in Tennessee it is hard to get a handle on what she is really eating and doing as far as controlling her diabetes.  The newest thing is that PUP (a Florida program tied to Medicare) is going to pay for her to go to a class about Food.  It will be taught by Nurses and a Nutritionist.

I wonder what she is going to think when she finds out it is mainly the things that I have talked to her about for the last three years.   Scheduled meal and snack times, take your insulin and/or oral medication 30 minutes before eating, stay within your calorie allowance when planning and eating meals, and most important  get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

She recently moved, no longer has access to a pool but likes to walk and has an exercycle that she rides so doesn't seem to have a problem with the exercise part.

With the diet part of her program she has a problem.  Since she likes to stay up almost all night, she really doesn't have a good eating schedule.  Including fresh raw vegetables...even celery or lettuce is also a big problem. She tends to buy Plums, Bananas, Cherries and a few Apples.  Occasionally Cabbage or a Cucumber will make it home, but forget Broccoli, Greens, Fresh Green Beans (she buys canned) Green Peppers etc.

This link is to a site that has a lot of good information on Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control.  Just Click and go and enjoy.    It features healthy snacks, just plain healthy eating and exercise routines.  To come back here just click the back arrow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What You Need to Know: How your body Processes Food

This is a wonderfully illustrated and understandable video which will help you understand how our bodies handle food.  Will give you an idea of what happens when things go wrong.
After Watching Click Back Button to return here!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Diabetes Symptoms: Do you know what to look For?

Diabetes  is a sneaky disease with symptoms that aren't always visible.

You don't hurt, have a headache or aching bones.
What you might have is tiredness and fatigue especially after eating, dry mouth, thirsty all the time even though you drink a lot of liquids. 
Having to urinate frequently especially at night (when you never had to get up and go before)! 
Dry, itchy skin, frequent fungual or yeast infections of groin or vaginal area. 

Finger nails and toe nails often become infected with the fungus because of contact when scratching infected areas.

It is a hidden disease for many, quietly damages their body until the damage becomes unmanageable. 

Education and Information about Diabetes is our greatest weapon.
Find out the symptoms, read eveything that you can find out about it.  One of the most visible indicators is body weight.  Carrying extra pounds or a sudden weight gain or an unexplained weight loss could be an indicator. 

It is worth a trip to your caregiver to find out.

 A simple A1c  blood test  that is available in most physicians office gives a very good indicator.  It only uses a drop of blood and the results are available while you are there, no waiting to send it to the lab.

Diabetes is an unnecessary disease most of the time unless you were born with it. 

It can be brought on by being overweight which is often the results of  continuing to eat more calories than your body needs for the amount of your daily activity  and not exercising enough to burn up the excess calories you have consumed.

People often gain weight slowly without really being aware of the effects of  those extra pounds on their body.  Along with the symptoms of Diabetes, we develop the deadly side effects that eventually cause blindness, nerve damage, amputation of limbs, heart attacks and strokes.

Fighting Deabetes requires dedication and Education. 

The only real solution to diabetes is to prevent it by healthy eating and daily activity. 

Living is more fun if you have energy and can do the things you want to do.  I encourage you to educate yourself, get the knowledge  necessary to create a  healthy diet and then add exercise to your lifestyle. 

Walking doesn't require a gym or equipment and is very effective.  Begin with 5 minutes  several times a day if you can't do more.  Work up to 30 minutes a day. 

It might take awhile to implement your new lifestyle, but the results will be worth it.  It is possible to control and often prevent Diabetes and its symptoms by making a few small changes in your lifestyle.

Here is a link to two videos that explain more about Diabetes and its Symptoms.

Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Quit Drinking Coffee If you are trying to lose Weight!

Drinking coffee while dieting slows down your weight loss.  I know this from personal experience.  Years ago I went on a 1200 per day calorie diet and found to my sorry (I love Coffee)  that on days when I drank coffee, my weight loss came to a standstill.  I've researched and can't seem to find the reason, unless the stimulation in coffee changes the metabolism so that calories are conserved instead of burned.

Even though coffee is entirely legal – as evidenced by the prevalence of coffee shops all across every town – it is a stimulant, and it is actually quite similar to a drug. Of course, coffee does not have the adverse effects on the body that many drugs have, but if you try to quit drinking coffee, you will find that the withdrawal symptoms will make it feel a lot like you are trying to quit something much harder than coffee! If you have come to the realization that you are dependent on coffee to make it through the day, and you want to break this cycle, here are a few tips for weaning yourself off coffee – without experiencing the headaches and fatigue many others experience!

Slowly cut back: By slowly cutting back on your coffee intake, you can eventually reach a place where you no longer need coffee. The first step of cutting back is to figure out exactly how many milligrams of caffeine you consume in a day; once you have come up with this figure, try to cut twenty percent off this original level of caffeine every week, until you are no longer dependent on coffee!

Find alternatives: There are certainly a lot of alternatives to coffee - but realize that this does not mean you should switch to energy drinks instead! There are plenty of foods that are “energy foods,” and once you start adding these foods to your regular diet, you will be able to cut coffee out far more quickly!

Drink water: Water is the biggest need for your body, so when you start cutting back on coffee, you should help your body make the transition by giving it as much water as you can. Water will make it less likely that you end up with those nasty caffeine headaches, and it will also help to give you natural energy.

Even though coffee is unlike a drug in that it is not horrible for your body, it is always nice to be able to have coffee as a “treat” instead of because you are dependent on it; once you follow these tips, you will be that much closer to cutting coffee off your “needs” list completely!

How To Eat A Healthy Breakfast On The Go

                                          We all have heard it said before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but despite this assertion, many of us are simply “too busy” to make sure we get a healthy breakfast in us. But if you truly want to be as healthy as possible, it will be important that you make sure to eat something at the start of the day – and even if you are “too busy,” there are a lot of options for eating a healthy breakfast on the go.

If you are going to be eating your breakfast on the go, you will need food that you can take with you in the car or on the subway – but this does not just mean you have to bring a bagel or a muffin along! One of the best ways to get your body going at the start of the day is by eating fruit, as it is healthy for you and will start you off with the energy that is necessary for moving forward in your day. Additionally, you can pack food at night – food that will be healthy and easy to take with you the next day – such as breakfast sandwiches (using regular toast, or using something like a bagel or an english muffin) or hard-boiled eggs.

A lot of people also have leftovers from their dinners, but they do not think of these as “breakfast foods,” and so they leave these leftovers in the refrigerator and end up skipping breakfast altogether – but there is nothing wrong with bringing “dinner” leftovers for your breakfast! Just load some of your extra food into a tupperware when you finish eating dinner, and the next morning you will have something that is easy to bring with you and either heat up when you get to work or eat cold on your way in!

You can already distinguish between “healthy” foods and “unhealthy” foods without any help; now, you just need to make sure you are making the effort to bring some of these “healthy” foods with you so that you will be starting your day on the right foot!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do You need to Lose Weight? Do you know the Symptoms of Diabetes?

The easiest way to find out if you suffer from diabetes, is to visit a doctor and get a proper analysis of your glucose. Usually for an adult it will be type 2 adult onset diabetes.  You may have any of the three diabetes types - type 1, type 2 and pregnancy type. There are common symptoms in all types of diabetes.
The most common type is diabetes type 2. If you feel like urinating quite often and especially if you also wake up at night to do it, then it may be a sign of diabetes. Increased sensation of thirst will also be experienced by you, as the kidneys increase their activity to remove the extra glucose from the blood. These two symptoms always come together.
A sudden and unexplainable weight loss - up to 3-5pounds a month is also usually determined by a high level of blood glucose. This unexpected weight loss comes as a result of the insulin not providing the cells with glucose. Therefore, there is nothing in the body that the cells  can use to transform sugar or glucose into energy, so the liver starts converting  the proteins in muscles and fat to allow the body to survive. As the readings  of the glucose become high, intense hunger may also appear.
The body asks for extra food to work properly, when its level goes down. Itches and dry skin are also symptoms of diabetes. The skin problems sometimes include dark spots in the areas of armpits and neck .  Whenever you suffer from a wound or a cut and it takes a long time to heal can be a sign of diabetes. Obviously, your blood vessels are deteriorated and this is usually due to the high quantity of glucose. Other symptoms of diabetes  are tiredness and foggy vision,  nerve tingles and numbness.  Often feet and legs will hurt at night and keep you awake.  If left untreated diabetes can lead to damaged circulation, damaged eyesight, and because of damage to blood vessels lead to strokes and heartattacks.
On the other hand, the diabetes type 1 is less common, and affects younger people. Between the first symptoms and the diagnosis of diabetes 1, there is usually only a few months. The high need for water because of thirst and frequent urinations, tiredness, extra hunger, weakness and weight loss are included in this type of diabetes,  the symptoms are almost the same for each type. These two types of diabetes are very different from one another, although the symptoms are very much similar.  People with type 1 diabetes are often born with it and type 2  diabetes is usually the result of being overweight because of incorrect eating and no exercise.  It is very important to know that any of these symptoms may be also common for other diseases, so make sure you ask for detailed professional tests when you consult a doctor. When two or more of these symptoms start showing up at the same time, the chances to have diabetes are pretty high.
Pregnancy diabetes suffered by a pregnant woman is generally without symptoms, just like the other two types of diabetes until it becomes severe enough to start showing the same classic symptoms. In rare cases, tiredness, extra urination and hunger may show up. During the 2-nd and 3-rd trimesters of pregnancy, the insulin demands of a pregnant woman are about 3 times higher than normal.

Whichever of these symptoms you may encounter, consult a doctor as fast as possible. There are many ways to prevent  type 2 diabetes development, though there is not an official way to cure it.  The best you can do is maintain control by following a scheduled meal plan, exercising and eating in moderation.
You are What you EAT!.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lose Fat Metabolic Cooking to Burn Fat Not Muscle

I found a Great new cook book.  It has a lot of menu planning, recipes with pictures and best of all a Shopping list you can print out after choosing your recipes so you know what you need at the grocery store.....

Not Sure I can get Joella interested.   I don't think she likes to cook that much anymore.  She had rather stand around in the pool talking to her friends.  I do believe there is a section to help you get through the dangers of eating out. 

Weight loss Now is a big issue for her.  She is still in the yo-yo phase...lose four pounds then gain six.  Very bad for your heart...Plus the fact that she is still fighting diabetes.  Sugar control is barely being kept in the safe range...she is taking three oral medications plus Insulin. 

From personal experience I know that Weight Loss, Portion Control, scheduled meal and snack times along with regular exercise are the only options for controlling diabetes that worked for my Adult onset Diabetics. 
This Metabolic Diet Plan I found has a slant that I think will help someone with diabetes...It targets eating foods to keep the metabolism working which in turn keeps Blood Sugar from going up so high and then so low you turn into a starved maniac!  I know from talking to Joella that she runs into a problem when she skips meals or snacks.  First thing you know she STARVING so she starts eating and doesn't stop until she has blown the calorie count for the day...sometimes for the week.  If you are interested take a Look!
Metabolic Cooking
If you would like a look at the Diet Plan scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link...they have a nice video and Tons of information.
  Click here to Find Out More About Metabolic Cooking

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Talked to Joella yesterday.   Don't know what happened, she called last Sunday all excited because she had lost four pounds.     Yesterday when I asked what she weighed....the figure was ten pounds higher than what she weighed seven days ago.

It is very disheartening to hear this report.  I asked what happened and she said they had to buy whole milk because the store was out of 2% milk.    I didn't say anything to her, but the difference in the calories of a glass of 2% milk and a glass of whole milk won't pack ten pounds on you in one week. 

Wonder why you can gain ten pounds in one week, but it takes six months to lose ten pounds!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joella found some snails in her potted plants and rode her bike at 1:00 a.m.

She is making very slow progress with her weight loss. Three pounds since we started this journey. Doctor told her not to eat bread, so she bought pancake mix so Gerald could make pancakes. This was last week.

Talked to her today, she was all excited about the snails she found in one of her pots. Seems there are two big ones (about the size of a dime) with shells, four babies without shells and a patch of eggs in the middle of her plant. I looked up snails on the internet, seems land snails are both female and male, have sperm and eggs but need to swap sperm to reproduce. She didn't like it when I told her the first hatched out babies often eat the other eggs and smaller babies.
Said her legs were hurting last night so instead of eating in the middle of the night she rode her exercycle for about an hour while watching TV. Just ate a FEW cheerios and some milk.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Joella gets bored and forgets to try new things to keep staying on a health giving diabetic diet.  An easy recipe for the uninspired is my version of Corned beef and Cabbage.

First, get a large pot, I use a stainless steel 4 quart pot with a heavy aluminum bottom to spread the heat.  Next I add a little olive oil about 2 tablespoons, slice up a large onion and start it to "fry" on medium heat.  Since carbs are somewhat limited, I peel and slice a medium potato for each person who is eating...actually two are enough for up to four servings.   After adding the potatoes, put a lid on the pot and stir occasionally to keep things from sticking.  Cook for about 15 minutes...while this is cooking thinly slice a medium head of cabbage, not over three lbs.   When cooking reaches the 15 minute mark add the cabbage, drizzle with about 1 tablespoon of oil  and stir to coat the cabbage.  Add any salt or pepper you might need at this point and about 1/4 cup water.  
I use canned corned beef, remove from the can and break it up or slice it and put on top of the cabbage, onion and potato mix.   Leave the lid cocked and cook for about 5 minutes or until cabbage is done enough for you.  I like mine a little crispy and not boiled to death..but cook how you like it. Nice served in soup bowl with a wide rim so you can add sliced tomatoes and cucumbers along the outside for decoration and enjoyment.  Even if the corned beef is a little heavy on calories it can meet the calorie test because it is mixed in the the cabbage....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Jo called yesterday....said she was making spaghetti and wondered should she cook one box or two?  I asked if she was having company...answer no.  Asked why making spaghetti when her doctor had told her not to eat anything  "white" until she got that 14.3 A1c down in the 6 range.
Well, it seems she now has a specialist  and claims that  he said she could have pizza and spaghetti....but I think she forgot the part about making sure the portion she ate was correctly sized so that it didn't blow her calorie count for the day.  
I also think the new specialist should  realize that Joella has a hard time with meal planning, tends to eat what is there and since she is now taking Insulin depends on it to keep her blood sugar low.

Since he is new on the job with Joella he might believe that old song and dance, "I'm drinking water and eating broccoli for my snack!"   RIGHT!
She is getting better at riding her exercycle since her foot with the open sore healed. She has found that if her sugar is up she can ride the exercycle and bring it down.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Talked to Joella,   She said she lost 4 more pounds!  Hope she doesn't let up.  

Some times she forgets her meal planning and goes on a binge....gains her weight back and has to start over.

Eating five meals a day on a 1200 calorie diet is the way to consistently loose weight. 
Keep a mealtime schedule.
Break total calories consumed into three larger meals and two snacks .
This keeps the body's furnace going so calories get used up and not deposited .
If we don't eat regularly the body thinks it may be on starvation and wants to save every last calorie as a fat deposit.  
The most successful way to fight diabetes is to schedule meal times, maintain portion control and have at least 30 minutes of exercise  everyday.   Walk or ride an exercycle...IT WORKS!

Friday, March 4, 2011



Guess it wasn't so very bad with all the food from the buffet.   Probably also had a dessert that wasn't mentioned.  

My favorite salad to help with getting fresh vegetables with lots of fiber and micronutirents is:
chop all in bite sized pieces
1 bunch of  BROCCOLI
1 whole bunch of  CELERY  

It makes a lot, so I often share.  To keep for a few days put in a gallon sized freezer bag and store in the refrigerator.  Keeps well.  
To serve:  1 cup plus tomato, cucumber, sliced onion and other raw vegetables as desired.  Can also add a small serving  of lean chicken, turkey or one boiled egg.   I like with olive oil, vinegar and spices for dressing.  Use your own favorite or whip up a homemade low cal dressing.

Another favorite way to serve is add a few chopped almonds, a teaspoon of raisins and buttermilk ranch dressing.  Just be sure to keep track of calories in dressing as this is often the downfall in dieting...since a salad makes you think you're eating light.


Fasting sugar 109 on Thursday a.m.
Joella's  specialist said she is making good progress and she won't have to return for three months.
She took her  driver to lunch at Golden Coral.
Joella had  White turkey meat, sweet potato, a huge salad with tomatoes and cucumbers and  romaine lettuce.  Just in case she also had a LOT of  green "string" beans and some Turnip Greens.  
Guess she was making up for all those days with no green vegetables.
For dinner she said she only had a bowl of Honey nut Cheerios!   Wonder what her Sugar was on Friday morning.
I'll update later!  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday Night Pot Luck at the Club!!

Joella reports a decent sugar for her (121), especially after detailing her total intake for the day.

Oatmeal for breakfast, lunch was a tomato and cucumber sandwich and she almost ended  the day  with POTLUCK! at the clubhouse :
a deviled egg, some Green pea & Creamed turkey soup, Steamed Cabbage and some of her homemade Blackeyed peas and organic tomatoes soup. 

She finished the day off with a slice of "old" pizza from the freezer...she said delicious  as it  had pineapple, pepperoni and cheese on it. 

Food choices make a difference.  Unfortunately pizza isn't a good choice, even in moderation because it is so calorie dense.  It's back to the books for daily meal planning and looking in her Eat to Beat  Diabetes book to find a substitue for her high calorie pizza.

Friday, February 25, 2011

113 is the Magic number for Yesterday!. Don't know how she is doing it!

Lots of extra exercise yesterday.  Rode her street bike and walked to the postoffice.  Her menu was loaded with fat calories.  Oatmeal for breakfast, Lunch was a slice of  "old"  left over pizza and a peanut butter sandwich.  She also had a bananna and an orange and a "little bit"  of Gerald's walnut butter cream cake with some milk.   Never did get an answer about dinner and bedtime snack.

Where are the vegetables?  BROCCOLI, CUCUMBERS, CELERY, TOMATOES, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER ETC?   You can take all the supplements you like, but you NEED the fiber and micro nutrients in fresh produce.   Back to the basics.  Plan your meals, not only for calories but daily requirements for fiber, protein, fat   and carbohydrates.  It keeps you healthy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


115 was Joella's reading this a.m.

Her plan for Eating   yesterday included:  Two tablespoons of oatmeal (before cooking) for breakfast,  A fried spam sandwich with two slices of bread for lunch and for dinner peanut butter on saltine crackers, a fresh whole orange and a bedtime snack of milk. 

Peanut butter is a good choice for diabetics because it has a low glycemic index meaning it absorbs slowly and doesn't cause  sugar to spike.  HOWEVER,  peanut butter is a DENSE high calorie food so portion control is very important.   It does have a good combination of fat, protein and carbohydrate so can be used as a fat exchange, protein exchange and carbohydrate many exchanges used is dependent on the portion or amount eaten.  Joella said to say "Hello" to all of her internet friends and would like to hear how you are doing and what is working for you in your FIGHT DIABETES journey.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back up to 138 fasting morning sugar

Dieting and controlling blood sugar is a never ending  job.  

Less exercise and no portion control  and the addition of cornbread to go with her left over blackeyed peas and tomatoes resulted in a step backwards for the last two day.

Raw green vegetables can help with controlling hunger, have a lot of fiber which always helps to keep the digestion slower therefore helps keep sugar from spiking.  They also have vitamins and minerals  and a lot of helpful enzymes.    Cooked green vegetables should always be limited to 1/2 cup servings.  

The easiest way is PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.  Regular meals and regular exercise is the key.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Joella called with stunning NEWS fasting sugar 109

Yesterday a.m. her sugar was 138, but she called this morning very excited because her sugar was 109.
This is the lowest reading she has had since beginning treatment for diabetes three years ago.

For breakfast she ate two tablespoons (before cooking) of Oatmeal with stevia. Cooked dried blackeyed peas and had two bowls for lunch. Dinner was blackeyed peas with some canned organic stewed tomatoes added for flavor. Had a jigger (about 1/2 cup) of whole milk because that is what she had in the fridge. Congratulated her. She said she had reduced the amount of oatmeal after reading her diabetic cookbook and was surprised to learn that it was enough!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I found a guide for helping find a niche product and promoting it

Have done some reading, haven't implemented anything yet, but want to test this out.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update for Monday....SUGAR MADE IT DOWN TO 168

Joella reports that on Sunday she had oatmeal with stevia and 2% milk instead of cream for her breakfast.  Didn't eat lunch or a snack.  Had two pieces of fried fish and some coleslaw and one hushpuppy for dinner and a bedtime snack of cheddar cheese and milk.   
Haven't been able to reach her today for an update,  but we did talk about meal planning and the importance of eating on a regular schedule in small amounts to keep the sugar level and avoid getting hungry and overeating.   Plus scheduled eating helps keep metabolism working which in turn helps to use up calories instead of storing them.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday Joella started her day off with Oatmeal and  a "little" cream, two cups  of coffee and a "few grapes".

For lunch she enjoyed some Campbell's Broccoli cheese soup made with 1/2  cup cream and 1/2 cup water, two saltine crackers and two blocks of cheddar cheese each about the size of her finger.

Dinner gets interesting:  2 slices of fried Spam, 1 fried egg, 1 slice of fried toast and for dessert a cup of red seedless grapes.  Didn't eat dinner until after 9 p.m.

Drank some 2% milk in the middle of the night.
Since she is on a 1200 a day calorie diet that includes three meals and two snacks per day at scheduled intervals (and should include fresh raw vegetables) it is easy to see why her fasting blood sugar was
288 this morming.   She says she will do better tomorrow with sugar her reading.  Plans to ride exercycle and watch what she eats for the rest of today.

Friday, February 11, 2011

May help with meal planning

RECIPE FINDER Free to download!       A recipe helper tool

UPDATE! My sister loves her new diabetic cooking book

Talked to Joella yesterday.  Really likes her new cookbook.  It has a lot of the foods that she loves to eat so it makes it easier to plan meals and snacks.
She had an appointment with her doctor on Thursday....he said she is making progress and the sore on her foot has closed and is healing.   Great news!
Since she got the sore on her foot she gained five pounds...a backwards trend...
She was put on insulin and told to stay off the foot to promote healing...expecially since she is still carrying around about 60 pounds she doesn't need. 
She does have an exercycle that she can now ride again so adding back the exercise should help.  Just remember YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chromium Picolinate may help keep sugar lower

My sister is taking chromium picolinate  and  cinnamon extract to help lower her blood sugar.   Unfortunately she is also using insulin.  
I've used both for years and just use diet and exercise to control my adult onset diabetes: no insulin or oral medications.   There are differences of opinion about chromium and cinnamon's usefulness in controlling or lowering blood sugar. 
There is a a lot of free information on the internet.  All I can say is educate yourself by reading as much as possible.   
Diabetes is a sneaky disease.   Get smart and get to know it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eating to Beat Diabetes

The book I bought for my sister is Eat to Beat Diabetes.   A Beautiful book.  She loves it.  Will Keep you updated on her progress.    Will see if I can find a link for it.   Has over 300 recipes.   She needs all the help she can get.

Betty Crocker is familiar and easy to use

Wouldn't hurt to take a look.

Helping someone else control Diabetes

Bought a great book with lots of recipes for my younger sister.  She had an A1C of 14.3 when we finanlly got her to the doctor.    She loves the book, it  has lots of pictures and most of the recipes are common foods that are usually around the house.
When I talked to her yesterday she had her sugar down to the afternoon after riding the exercycle for 45 minutes and drinking lots of water.  
Unfortunately her reading was 336 when she got up in the morning.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning how to use a blog

Found this blog when I was trying to enter my website on google.   This is my website.  It was given to me
Is necessary to read and look, type and try and hope you did it right!

Hope I don't violate rules by listing my website.  Go look if you like!