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Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Foods That Prevent Good Health and Nutrition

Free Fat Loss Report and Metabolism Calculator 

Photo by Jenny Erickson 

Have you ever wondered if the modern diet is the cause of all this Obesity and the common
Medical problems that are assaulting the industrialized nations of the world?

I have two articles that you need to read that will explain why we are in such a terrible situation where
people in larger numbers are overweight, have allergies like Gluten Intolerance, and more have developed Diabetes, have high Blood Pressure, and suffer Strokes and Heart Attacks in increasing number.

This Article deals with nutrition and our modern diet, pointing out 3 types of the food that we are eating to high a percentage of, rather than having a varied assortment of different types of foods.  If you have Gluten Intolerance, Diabetes, or are Overweight this article contains some information that just might point you in another direction and assist you in you quest for better health.  Continue reading here.

The page below has a free calculator that will give you information about whether you might be at risk for Diabetes
and some other diseases caused by being overweight or (if extremely heavy it is now called Obesity).

Dieting Demystified isn't so much about a diet, but a story by Cararta and what she found out when
she was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.  Follow along with her adventure into the land of changing
eating habits in order to live with Diabetes. There is a  calculator located on this page that is useful in calculating how many calories you need each day for your individual information.  Continue reading Here.

If this information has been useful, please share it by using the FB or Twitter or other social links.  Spreading information and Education about Nutrition and Diabetes and how they are related is the only way this problem can be changed.  You can Help!