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Day Lillies
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joella is Changing What She Eats

Joella called today and reported she now has her fasting blood sugar down to 238.  I didn't even ask what it was before.  She was so excited to "get it down".

Since she lives in Florida and I live in Tennessee it is hard to get a handle on what she is really eating and doing as far as controlling her diabetes.  The newest thing is that PUP (a Florida program tied to Medicare) is going to pay for her to go to a class about Food.  It will be taught by Nurses and a Nutritionist.

I wonder what she is going to think when she finds out it is mainly the things that I have talked to her about for the last three years.   Scheduled meal and snack times, take your insulin and/or oral medication 30 minutes before eating, stay within your calorie allowance when planning and eating meals, and most important  get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

She recently moved, no longer has access to a pool but likes to walk and has an exercycle that she rides so doesn't seem to have a problem with the exercise part.

With the diet part of her program she has a problem.  Since she likes to stay up almost all night, she really doesn't have a good eating schedule.  Including fresh raw vegetables...even celery or lettuce is also a big problem. She tends to buy Plums, Bananas, Cherries and a few Apples.  Occasionally Cabbage or a Cucumber will make it home, but forget Broccoli, Greens, Fresh Green Beans (she buys canned) Green Peppers etc.

This link is to a site that has a lot of good information on Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control.  Just Click and go and enjoy.    It features healthy snacks, just plain healthy eating and exercise routines.  To come back here just click the back arrow.