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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raspberry Ketones and Burning Fat

Did You Know That Raspberries can help Burn Fat?

I kept seeing all these ads about ketones and Raspberries....

thought it was some kind of a know here today, gone tomorrow!

Well, a few days ago, I stopped and read on of those ads,
went to Google and did a search and you won't believe....

They haven't done a large number of "Scientific Trials" or whatever, but what
they have done is let people use Raspberry Ketones with a sensible diet and
and start losing FAT like crazy!

Even Dr. Oz according to one article I was reading.

From Raspberries? Plain old fruit on the vine?

Not quite that simple, but close. They extract and concentrate the ketones from the Raspberry (it is what makes raspberries smell so good!) and you take the supplement to to Burn the Fat....cause that is what it does!...Burn the double chin, burn the fat hips, burn the fat belly.....need I continue?

Watch the what the girls say about how well it works....I wouldn't have belived it.

Bet this will help with Diabetes...if you can get rid of the fat and the weight...Sugar control which means Diabetes under control.....Ya Hoo!

Until now, you'd have to eat thousands of Raspberries just to get enough of the Ketone enzyme to help fight fat, but now scientists have isolated that element and extracted it into a supplement that lets you get 300mg of Raspberry Ketone in every serving of Raspberry Ketone Max

Pick up Your Free Bottle.........

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for Details

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fight Diabetes2 and Win isn't on Joella's Menu

Update, Made on another site.  Shared here to explain what is going on with Joella and her Fight with Diabetes 2.

Joella Update November, 2012

The last time I updated was in 2011.

Unfortunately things with Joella have not improved.

She did diet and exercise enough to lose down to 161 pounds in February of 2012.

However, as of October, 2012 when our other sister went to visit her, she was back up in
weight to 184 pounds, even though she was telling me on the phone that her weight
was 168.

She has now either disconnected her telephone or has a different number.  I am no
longer able to talk to her unless she calls.  

It is disheartening to think about what is going to happen to her.

As far as I know she is still taking Insulin and two oral medications to try to control her
blood sugar and therefore manage the diabetes.

It will work for awhile, but if you don't eat a reasonable diet and exercise there comes
a point where the drugs can no longer be depended on for sugar (glucose) level control.

Elevated (high) glucose readings are the indication that the body is not able to process
the extra sugar and remove it from the blood stream.

1. Nerve damage...eyes, rest of body especially arms and legs.
2, Lack of sensitivity to injuries allow injuries to not be noticed and  treated.  
3. Circulation:  blood vessels that supply all the cells and organs become etched and plaque begins to build                                              
4. Poor circulation and nerve damage combine and result in:
5. Tingling feet and swelling....easy for sores to develop and not healing.
6. Heart attack and Strokes ...the final answer to untreated diabetes, most start because of 1 and 2 listed

The last time I talked to Joella in October she said her glasses weren't working as well.
She said she  might go get new ones.    She got new ones in early 2012 when she had lost weight  and her sugar readings were lower.....the glasses were not as strong as the old ones she replaced.  So here dieting and exercising in order to get her foot sore healed paid off with better vision.

Now with the weight gain, it sounds like the improvement is gone.
Another complaint....she said, "my feet and legs are tingling again and keeping me awake at night."  Her solution before was to drink milk every hour or so, all night long because it seemed to stop it.

Guess we can assume this is her same solution to the problem.
Until I manage to go see her, this is the last update I can do.  No information.

There is information about Diabetes, it sysmptoms, diets and articles with helpful suggestions available at:

This site has videos, articles dealing with what diabetes is and some suggestions and tips for managing diabetes.   This site: Cararta is more Joella's personal journey with diabetes for the past few years.
Sometimes funny, sometimes sad.   You are welcome to visit
Sugar Control Diet and read.   You may find something helpful that will change your direction if you are trying to lose weight or control type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counter Top Pizza Oven

This is a Find!
Great for using at home, in your RV or the Dorm!  Easy clean surface....Besides doing Pizza, can cook things like cookies, fish sticks, biscuits, even cheese toast.  Bet it would even roast peanuts!

You can check it out here at Counter Top Pizza Oven  After you watch the Video!

Go Here to Check it out, was on sale last time I looked!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eat Celery with Peanut Butter Filling to Lose Weight

Eating Celery filled with Peanut Butter and lots of Cabbage has helped Joella lose five pounds.  Only problem I see is this isn't a diet you are likely to stick with!.

Talked to her two days later and they were having Pork Chops, rice and gravy for dinner.  Didn't even bother to ask where the celery and cabbage went!

See sawing, up and down with weight is probably worse on your body than just eating sensibly and not gaining if you can't lose weight. 

Joella has a problem, she will diet heavy duty for a week, then go on a binge of eating and most times  she gains back what she lost plus a pound or two. 

It seems she has a problem with her bathing suits now....the bottoms are several sizes smaller that what she needs.  I'm beginning to believe that dieting and weight loss is as much a MENTAL problem as it is a body problem.  Joella commented on someone who shops all the time and said, "they love to spend money!"

I replied, "I guess it is like you.  You are addicted to eating and FOOD."

She was quiet for a moment then said, "I do love to EAT!  I guess if I'm going to lose weight I've got to do better at buying what I am supposed to eat instead of Pork Chops, Rice and Gravy!"

I said, that  sounds good to me, but right now I have to go and feed my dogs and cats.  
Will check with Joella in a day or two and see how her "new" grocery shopping went.  

Making up your mind and putting a plan of action in place and Following it works with everything, not just Dieting!

For some tips on what to eat to lose weight go and visit Sugar Control Diet.  


Curb Cravings With Green Tea: Helps The Body Burn Fat by Diana Walker

Green tea has a long history of healthful benefits and its qualities are significantly more effective than black tea. Both teas come from the carnellia sinensis plant but green tea leaves are steamed rather than fermented like black and oolong teas. This prevents a powerful anti-oxidant, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), from being oxidized and therefore diminished.

Antioxidant Properties

Most of us have heard of the positive effects red wine can have on a fatty diet and its healthful benefits on heart disease. High amounts of catechins polyphenols, particularly EGCG, are present in green tea. And EGCG has twice as much resveratrol as red wine, making it a powerful weapon towards lowering cholesterol, inhibiting blood clots and negating the effects of a fatty diet.

EGCG is also used to treat diabetes and is reported to have glucose-lowering effects. In addition glucose can cause a person to feel hunger and by controlling insulin levels, you control appetite. Try drinking a mug of green tea at the first hunger pain and you are well on your way to managing your appetite.


Thermogenesis literally means heat generation. Green tea increases thermogenesis in the body, becoming a potent appetite suppressant and increasing fat oxidation, helping the body to use fat as an energy source. This means the body is preferentially burning fat over protein.

Green tea also raises the body’s metabolism, increasing the rate at which calories are burned. In a recent study, the combination of green tea and caffeine burned more calories than those given a placebo.

Add to its thermogenesis benefits, green tea also has energy-boosting properties, which makes it a perfect breakfast tea or mid-afternoon pick me up.

Other Healthful Benefits

There are many other conditions in which green tea is reputed to be helpful:

Killing cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched
Treating Rheumatoid arthritis
Lowering LDL cholesterol
Preventing thrombosis which causes heart attacks and strokes
Addressing cardiovascular disease by inhibiting abnormal formation of blood clots
Preventing infection
Improving impaired immune function
Stopping certain neurodegenerative diseases (such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s)
Treating multiple sclerosis
Preventing tooth decay by killing the bacteria that causes dental plaque

When you compare the heath benefits of green tea with the harmful effects of regular and diet soda, coffee and other damaging drinks, it is easy to see why green tea has a long and successful history of benefiting the drinker.

Adding Green Tea to Your Diet

Green tea has become so popular that it can be found in mainstream grocery stores as well as gas stations and convenience stores. There are many flavors and varieties of green teas so you will be sure to find a combination of flavors you’ll enjoy.

Consider also adding green tea water to some cooked foods. Adding tea to a pot of boiling pasta will affect the flavor in a fresh new way. Toss that same pasta with pine nuts, pesto and a dash of olive oil and you have a healthful dish with many antioxidant properties. Challenge yourself to find new and exciting ways to add green tea to your diet.

Click here for more information

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Flat Belly Diet Cook Book

Features 2 Weeks of On the Go Recipes for the Whole Family

Cook for the Whole Family instead of the Dieter 


  Belly fat is not only unsightly, it's deadly; it has been linked to a long list of adverse health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and breast cancer.

Prevention's Flat Belly Diet, a revolutionary plan that's already helped more than one million people lose weight around their middles, may help target dangerous belly fat with monounsaturated fats (better known as MUFAs)—found in delicious foods like nuts and seeds, vegetable oils, olives, avocados, and dark chocolate. 
  "The food...tastes so good, and there's so much of it!"

  On the Flat Belly Diet, it's important to enjoy these foods, in the right amounts, with every meal. The Flat Belly Diet! Cookbook makes that easy. All of the recipes were carefully developed to make sure every meal includes just the right amount of MUFAs and meets the plan's 400-calorie guideline, so readers can mix and match meals to suit their taste. And there's no need to count calories. All the work has already been done!
  "I had to get over all those years of denying myself.... I'm so excited by this diet."
  Packed with 200 dishes that feature these scrumptious fat-fighting MUFA-rich foods, as well as more than 50 lush photographs, this book gives readers plenty to whet their appetites:
-Great-to-wake-up-to dishes like Banana Pancakes with Walnut Honey and Eggs
Florentine with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
-International favorites like Thai Corn and Crab Soup and Caribbean Chicken Salad
-Cozy comfort food like Spaghetti with Roasted Cauliflower and Olives and Turkey Meat Loaf with Walnuts and Sage
-Quick, satisfying snacks like Tex-Mex Snack Mix, Peanut Butter Spirals, and Nutty Chicken Nuggets
-Sweet treats like Super-Rich Chocolate Cake with Maple Frosting and Peach and Blueberry Tart with Pecan Crust
This book is really good.

I like that it has all of the basic information about the Flat Belly Diet in the beginning, so if one were to want to do the flat belly diet they really only need the cookbook and can save money not buying the other book (which explains the diet but doesn't have any recipes).

I have tried several recipes and they have all been very good. I like that they are healthy recipes with flavor and for the most part fairly easy to make. For me, personally, sticking to the actual diet part is not easy because I think it is a little time consuming and can be a little expensive.

But I wanted this more to understand the diet and see how it could fit into my lifestyle of eating healthy. And it does!
I would recommend this book.

It offers recipes for: breakfast, soups & sandwiches, vegetarian, seafood, poultry, meats, snacks, and desserts. The other thing that is great about this book is that for each recipe it tells you how long it takes to make, how many servings, the nutrition info (calories, protein, carbs, fat, sat fat, cholesterol, sodium and fiber)and the MUFA (monounsaturated fats).
It also tells you for each recipe what to pair it with to make it a "complete" MUFA meal and then tells you the total caloric intake if you do pair it with the suggestion.

The other thing that I do like about this book is that it offers a planned out 14 day meal plan in the appendix and a MUFA serving chart (lists each MUFA, the serving size and the calories).

User friendly. Good recipes. Good information.
Click on the Picture to Go Look Inside.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jo Isn't Winning her fight with Diabetes 2

Talked to Jo about a week ago.  Said she took her "sugar" and it was  100 just after she got up that morning.  Also said she was down to 168 pounds.

Bad news.  Another sister went to see her three days ago,  They did some grocery shopping at Publix which is near the house.  I'm mentioning Publix because their stores all have these scales where you can weigh yourself. 

Well Jo's 168 is acutally 184....a big difference for someone only 5ft 5 inches tall.

I have some pictures that were sent via iPhone...she doesn't look like she has lost any weight, actually looks heavier.  

She is beginning to develop circulation problems in her feet and legs...and complaining that her glasses don't work right anymore.  Guess that is what happens when you only use oral medication and insulin to work at controlling your diabetes instead of combining it with exercise, a good meal plan and scheduled meal times to control your sugar.

Diet and Exercise should always be your first line of defense.  The drugs and insulin help to bring control, but eventually without making an effort to change eating habits the drugs can't do their job.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Mika Make You Happy

I searched for Someone with lots of young followers to put on this site about Diabetes.  I found Mika and his brand new video.  Must be fate!

I listened and watch about ten videos.  The music is different and his own!
For some reason thoughts of Michael Jackson kept creeping in...don't know if it has to do with the carefully constructed presentations or the voice.  Enjoyable.
Here is his video, hope if you watch it here you scroll around and do some reading.
So many young people are developing type 2 Diabetes (formerly called Adult Onset Diabetes) mostly because of  "lifestyle"  eating the wrong food and not moving enough.  When Teens and preteens develop Diabetes2 they seem to have a much harder time coping with it, often not successfully.

Here Are Some Food Toys to Help with Your Dieting.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fight Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

Fight Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

click here for more information

The Glycemic Index: Good Carb, Bad Carb

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand all the counting and tracking and adding and charting that some diets require, you could find a refuge in one simple numerical scale: the glycemic index. On the other hand, you might find it another maddening way to complicate the simple act of eating.

The glycemic index is a measure of the quality of carbohydrate foods. It’s kind of a good carbs/bad carbs thing, based on how they affect your blood sugar. Though it’s not new, it did start getting a lot of press when the anti-carb movement took hold.

It works like this: in the glycemic index, pure glucose is arbitrarily assigned the score of 100; it doesn’t mean anything in particular; it’s just a set reference point for how it has affected the blood sugar by about two hours after eating. Then all other foods in the index are given a number relative to glucose and its affect on the blood sugar.

Foods with a low index typically break down slowly and don’t cause drastic fluctuations in blood sugar. Foods with a high index typically do. For instance, green peas have an index of 39, while corn flakes have an index of 92.

Originally developed to help folks—particularly diabetics—control their blood sugar, the index includes mainly carbohydrate foods, because protein and fat don’t have much immediate effect on blood sugar.

But assigning numbers to different foods based on their glycemic effect just happens to create a scaled list of foods that ends up being a very useful tool for people dealing with obesity and other health issues, as well. That’s because simply maintaining a low-glycemic index diet tends to guide people toward healthier eating and weight loss, even when that is not their specific goal.

Consider: Type II diabetes, as well as various cancers and cardiovascular disease, are all highly correlated with high index diets. There’s abundant research that shows that reducing the overall glycemic index also reduces the risks of those problems.

That’s because almost by default, a low-index diet will include more fresh fruits and vegetables, more fiber, more dairy, all foods that offer essential nutrients, that are more likely to be lower in calories and which tend to keep the body sated longer, holding off the next hunger spell. All that usually adds up to weight loss, no matter what the program.

Proponents of the index say it’s more helpful than counting calories or grams of fats or carbs, and actually offers a simplified approach to learning to eat better, but some experts caution that people shouldn’t get too wrapped up in worrying about the precise numbers. Instead, they urge that people pay attention to whether the foods they’re eating have a low, medium or high index.

That’s because, as with any rule, there are exceptions to the fairly consistent physiological rules that underlie the index. For instance, watermelon has a pretty high glycemic index, about 75, which is even higher than table sugar. Does that make it bad for you? No . Because in spite of its high index, watermelon actually has a pretty low glycemic load. That’s a measure based on the amount of food you’d actually consume, not just an arbitrary quantity used in testing, as with the index.

The glycemic load of a food can be determined using the glycemic index number for a food, divided by 100 and multiplied times the available carbohydrate you’d eat. With most foods, low index is consistent with low load, but there are the quirky exceptions. Of course , to find them, you’d be back to doing a bunch of math again, and that’s just not the way people normally eat.

That’s why doctors and nutritional experts encourage people who are trying to develop a healthy diet to avoid getting caught up in the numbers game and look more generally at the foods in the index, leaning toward those at the low end. Anything over 70 is considered high index, 55 through 69 is medium and below 55 are foods with a low glycemic index.

And look what’s in those groups: high index foods include most breakfast cereals, white breads and other processed baked goods, most potatoes, ice cream, candies and table sugar, your veritable Atkins nightmare.

Lower index foods include cherries, grapefruit, broccoli, legumes like lentils and beans, most whole grain baked goods and most dairy foods. So even without counting calories or keeping track of specific index numbers, you can see that steering your diet toward the low end of the index is bound to do you good.

We like to encourage patients to think of glycemic index and glycemic load as just two more tools that can be helpful in developing healthier thinking and planning about dietary habits.

A final thing to remember: there’s not one standardized glycemic index list and most indexes include brand-name items that people buy on a typical shopping trip, as well as the more generic items like vegetables and fruits. This is one of the more helpful aspects of the lists, but only if you get one that relates to where you live.

If your average Southwest Florida resident looked at an index created in Australia, it wouldn’t be much help, because really, when’s the last time you had a couple Golden Pikelets with a nice glass of Milo?

Click here for more information
Fight Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dieting and Dieting and Don't Lose Weight

Jo called yesterday, haven't talked to her much lately.  She thinks I "fuss" toooo much about what she eats.
Last month I bought her another copy of the American Diabetes Associations  Food Exchange Lists for diabetics.  Very small, will fit in your purse so you can take it with you if you are new at having diabetes and trying to diet. 

Don't really think she pays much attention to the exchange book, the diet the doctor gave her or anything else related to her diabetes treatment other than getting those pills and Insulin shots.  Know for a fact that she doesn't take any of them on a schedule, just when she feels she needs them.

The problem is with diabetes, other than obvious things like always being thirsty and running to the bathroom all the time, maybe having a sore or fungus infection that you can't get rid of, or being overwhelmed with the urge to sleep if you over eat, there aren't many other Visible signs of diabetes until later......when it is almost to late.

I don't know what her criterior for Needing her medication is.  Don't know what yardstick she uses to  measure her  Need for Insulin or Metformin or glucophage.

Said she has started to lose weight, now down under 170 pounds.  Asked if she had been dieting and just got silence.....This time last year she weighed less than she does now, so the long term picture doesn't show improvement.

Guess just wait and see.  If you don't diet, you can't lose weight and if you continually eat the wrong diet you gain.  Simple.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The Secret to Losing Belly Fat

Staying on a diet is hard work.  It takes a lot of planning, preparation and ENTHUSIASM!  Trying to Lose belly fat which seems to come with diabetes  is always  hindered by the mistakes made in how we try to lose the fat.

There is a lot of slipping and sliding involved in maintaining healthy eating habits that will promote good blood sugar control.   The same habits of eating that we have developed over the years, get us to where we are now, and because they are hard to break, they keep us there.

Good Eating habits along with Blood glucose readings that should be taken as often as our health care giver  prescribes are part of the plan for diet control of diabetes. .   If you are taking Insulin this can be very important.   I was listening to a TV programs yesterday and  one of the points made was that there is a huge gap between what care givers prescribe and what insulin users end up doing.  It seems that users don't always follow instructions, resulting in poor blood glucose control.  I wouldn't be surprised if there is the same neglect when it comes to following caregiver directions for nutrition and meal planning.

Look around and find a program you can really live with. 
Enroll friends!..Joella found a new book on diabetic nutrition and has several friends sitting around the club house pool reading it with her.  
If  only she can convert this new knowledge into action!!!  Dinty Moore beef stew (even with added water) isn't on any diabetic diet I've ever seen even though it was on one of Jo's lists of what she had for lunch!

Good nutrition is actually just applying common sense to what you need to eat to be healthy or become healthy.  The information is there.  Use it. 

Here is a link to a common sense program that has some of the best information I have ever seen to help you lose weight and integrate enough exercise into your routine to help you not only Feel Better but Look Better at the same time.  Skinny Belly!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diabetes Cure 2011

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.
British Physicians Release documented study, declare Reversal of type 2 diabetes in 8 weeks.

Go here to access the PDF copy of the study.