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Day Lillies
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Friday, August 19, 2011

What You Need to Know: How your body Processes Food

This is a wonderfully illustrated and understandable video which will help you understand how our bodies handle food.  Will give you an idea of what happens when things go wrong.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Diabetes Symptoms: Do you know what to look For?

Diabetes  is a sneaky disease with symptoms that aren't always visible.

You don't hurt, have a headache or aching bones.
What you might have is tiredness and fatigue especially after eating, dry mouth, thirsty all the time even though you drink a lot of liquids. 
Having to urinate frequently especially at night (when you never had to get up and go before)! 
Dry, itchy skin, frequent fungual or yeast infections of groin or vaginal area. 

Finger nails and toe nails often become infected with the fungus because of contact when scratching infected areas.

It is a hidden disease for many, quietly damages their body until the damage becomes unmanageable. 

Education and Information about Diabetes is our greatest weapon.
Find out the symptoms, read eveything that you can find out about it.  One of the most visible indicators is body weight.  Carrying extra pounds or a sudden weight gain or an unexplained weight loss could be an indicator. 

It is worth a trip to your caregiver to find out.

 A simple A1c  blood test  that is available in most physicians office gives a very good indicator.  It only uses a drop of blood and the results are available while you are there, no waiting to send it to the lab.

Diabetes is an unnecessary disease most of the time unless you were born with it. 

It can be brought on by being overweight which is often the results of  continuing to eat more calories than your body needs for the amount of your daily activity  and not exercising enough to burn up the excess calories you have consumed.

People often gain weight slowly without really being aware of the effects of  those extra pounds on their body.  Along with the symptoms of Diabetes, we develop the deadly side effects that eventually cause blindness, nerve damage, amputation of limbs, heart attacks and strokes.

Fighting Deabetes requires dedication and Education. 

The only real solution to diabetes is to prevent it by healthy eating and daily activity. 

Living is more fun if you have energy and can do the things you want to do.  I encourage you to educate yourself, get the knowledge  necessary to create a  healthy diet and then add exercise to your lifestyle. 

Walking doesn't require a gym or equipment and is very effective.  Begin with 5 minutes  several times a day if you can't do more.  Work up to 30 minutes a day. 

It might take awhile to implement your new lifestyle, but the results will be worth it.  It is possible to control and often prevent Diabetes and its symptoms by making a few small changes in your lifestyle.

Here is a link to two videos that explain more about Diabetes and its Symptoms.