Day Lillies

Day Lillies
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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Talked to Joella again.  Thought she was making great progress. 

I'm afraid it isn't so.  She said she had lost 4 pounds this week.  I said that seems like a lot for one week.  Then asked the wrong question:  How much do you weight?
Her answer comfirmed my worst fears.....the 4 pounds she had just lost were 4 pounds she had put back on after losing them last month.  Bought and had sent to her another Diabetes Exchange List   the small one that you can keep in your pocketbook..Very handy for eating out, but if you aren't motivated and dedicated to losing weight and doing something about your diabetes it won't do much good.....just clutter up your purse.

I am beginning to think Joella doesn't yet realize the seriousness of being diagnosed with Diabetes.  It is a somewhat silent disease  doing its maleovent work behind closed doors until you wake up one day with a massive heart attach or a stroke..... If your arm wouldn't move or you couldn't walk because your foot or leg hurt, you would have motivation to do something RIGHT NOW to fix it. 


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