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Day Lillies
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dieting and Dieting and Don't Lose Weight

Jo called yesterday, haven't talked to her much lately.  She thinks I "fuss" toooo much about what she eats.
Last month I bought her another copy of the American Diabetes Associations  Food Exchange Lists for diabetics.  Very small, will fit in your purse so you can take it with you if you are new at having diabetes and trying to diet. 

Don't really think she pays much attention to the exchange book, the diet the doctor gave her or anything else related to her diabetes treatment other than getting those pills and Insulin shots.  Know for a fact that she doesn't take any of them on a schedule, just when she feels she needs them.

The problem is with diabetes, other than obvious things like always being thirsty and running to the bathroom all the time, maybe having a sore or fungus infection that you can't get rid of, or being overwhelmed with the urge to sleep if you over eat, there aren't many other Visible signs of diabetes until later......when it is almost to late.

I don't know what her criterior for Needing her medication is.  Don't know what yardstick she uses to  measure her  Need for Insulin or Metformin or glucophage.

Said she has started to lose weight, now down under 170 pounds.  Asked if she had been dieting and just got silence.....This time last year she weighed less than she does now, so the long term picture doesn't show improvement.

Guess just wait and see.  If you don't diet, you can't lose weight and if you continually eat the wrong diet you gain.  Simple.