Day Lillies

Day Lillies
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eat Celery with Peanut Butter Filling to Lose Weight

Eating Celery filled with Peanut Butter and lots of Cabbage has helped Joella lose five pounds.  Only problem I see is this isn't a diet you are likely to stick with!.

Talked to her two days later and they were having Pork Chops, rice and gravy for dinner.  Didn't even bother to ask where the celery and cabbage went!

See sawing, up and down with weight is probably worse on your body than just eating sensibly and not gaining if you can't lose weight. 

Joella has a problem, she will diet heavy duty for a week, then go on a binge of eating and most times  she gains back what she lost plus a pound or two. 

It seems she has a problem with her bathing suits now....the bottoms are several sizes smaller that what she needs.  I'm beginning to believe that dieting and weight loss is as much a MENTAL problem as it is a body problem.  Joella commented on someone who shops all the time and said, "they love to spend money!"

I replied, "I guess it is like you.  You are addicted to eating and FOOD."

She was quiet for a moment then said, "I do love to EAT!  I guess if I'm going to lose weight I've got to do better at buying what I am supposed to eat instead of Pork Chops, Rice and Gravy!"

I said, that  sounds good to me, but right now I have to go and feed my dogs and cats.  
Will check with Joella in a day or two and see how her "new" grocery shopping went.  

Making up your mind and putting a plan of action in place and Following it works with everything, not just Dieting!

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