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Monday, November 26, 2012

Fight Diabetes2 and Win isn't on Joella's Menu

Update, Made on another site.  Shared here to explain what is going on with Joella and her Fight with Diabetes 2.

Joella Update November, 2012

The last time I updated was in 2011.

Unfortunately things with Joella have not improved.

She did diet and exercise enough to lose down to 161 pounds in February of 2012.

However, as of October, 2012 when our other sister went to visit her, she was back up in
weight to 184 pounds, even though she was telling me on the phone that her weight
was 168.

She has now either disconnected her telephone or has a different number.  I am no
longer able to talk to her unless she calls.  

It is disheartening to think about what is going to happen to her.

As far as I know she is still taking Insulin and two oral medications to try to control her
blood sugar and therefore manage the diabetes.

It will work for awhile, but if you don't eat a reasonable diet and exercise there comes
a point where the drugs can no longer be depended on for sugar (glucose) level control.

Elevated (high) glucose readings are the indication that the body is not able to process
the extra sugar and remove it from the blood stream.

1. Nerve damage...eyes, rest of body especially arms and legs.
2, Lack of sensitivity to injuries allow injuries to not be noticed and  treated.  
3. Circulation:  blood vessels that supply all the cells and organs become etched and plaque begins to build                                              
4. Poor circulation and nerve damage combine and result in:
5. Tingling feet and swelling....easy for sores to develop and not healing.
6. Heart attack and Strokes ...the final answer to untreated diabetes, most start because of 1 and 2 listed

The last time I talked to Joella in October she said her glasses weren't working as well.
She said she  might go get new ones.    She got new ones in early 2012 when she had lost weight  and her sugar readings were lower.....the glasses were not as strong as the old ones she replaced.  So here dieting and exercising in order to get her foot sore healed paid off with better vision.

Now with the weight gain, it sounds like the improvement is gone.
Another complaint....she said, "my feet and legs are tingling again and keeping me awake at night."  Her solution before was to drink milk every hour or so, all night long because it seemed to stop it.

Guess we can assume this is her same solution to the problem.
Until I manage to go see her, this is the last update I can do.  No information.

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