Day Lillies

Day Lillies
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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Jo called yesterday....said she was making spaghetti and wondered should she cook one box or two?  I asked if she was having company...answer no.  Asked why making spaghetti when her doctor had told her not to eat anything  "white" until she got that 14.3 A1c down in the 6 range.
Well, it seems she now has a specialist  and claims that  he said she could have pizza and spaghetti....but I think she forgot the part about making sure the portion she ate was correctly sized so that it didn't blow her calorie count for the day.  
I also think the new specialist should  realize that Joella has a hard time with meal planning, tends to eat what is there and since she is now taking Insulin depends on it to keep her blood sugar low.

Since he is new on the job with Joella he might believe that old song and dance, "I'm drinking water and eating broccoli for my snack!"   RIGHT!
She is getting better at riding her exercycle since her foot with the open sore healed. She has found that if her sugar is up she can ride the exercycle and bring it down.