Day Lillies

Day Lillies
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joella found some snails in her potted plants and rode her bike at 1:00 a.m.

She is making very slow progress with her weight loss. Three pounds since we started this journey. Doctor told her not to eat bread, so she bought pancake mix so Gerald could make pancakes. This was last week.

Talked to her today, she was all excited about the snails she found in one of her pots. Seems there are two big ones (about the size of a dime) with shells, four babies without shells and a patch of eggs in the middle of her plant. I looked up snails on the internet, seems land snails are both female and male, have sperm and eggs but need to swap sperm to reproduce. She didn't like it when I told her the first hatched out babies often eat the other eggs and smaller babies.
Said her legs were hurting last night so instead of eating in the middle of the night she rode her exercycle for about an hour while watching TV. Just ate a FEW cheerios and some milk.